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Work from WCP with our Virtual Backgrounds for Teams and Zoom Meetings

WCP Background for Microsoft Teams Calls

Our team, along with many of our customers and suppliers, are having to make adjustments as the pandemic continues to shape the business landscape. Many people continue to be working from home or from socially distanced workstations while video calls continue to be a popular way to stay connected and work. As we spend more time out of the office, our homes and workstations may not be as neat as we’d like and we can’t find a great background for our Teams and Zoom calls, but there is still a way to make it feel like you’re working from our warehouse and offices at WCP Solutions! 

Now with the release of our new WCP Virtual Backgrounds, no matter where you are calling in from or what your actual background looks like, you can feel like you’re in the office, our converting plant, or even in our warehouse. Choose from our favorite backgrounds below to customize your virtual workspace and bring a little of WCP Solutions home with you. 

Instructions to customize your Microsoft Teams background
Instructions to customize your Zoom background

Our WCP Solutions Virtual Backgrounds

To download images, right-click on each image and save it to your computer.

Work from a WCP Warehouse

WCP Solutions Wholesale Distribution Warehouse


Work from the Paper Sample Department

WCP Solutions Paper Sample Department for printers and graphic designers


Work from WCP Converting Paper Warehouse

WCP Converting Custom Sheeting Paper Board for for folding carton packaging


Work from one of our WCP Meeting Rooms

WCP Meeting and Conference Room


Work from the WCP Converting Custom Sheeter where we make Perfect Fit Custom Sheets

Perfect Fit Custom Sheeting Machine and Facility


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