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WCP Employee Spotlight: Sarah Bowen

13 Years at WCP and Counting…

This month we’re shining a spotlight on WCP Solutions’ Sarah Bowen, a delivery driver in our Boise, Idaho division. Over the years Sarah has become a valuable member of her team. According to our Boise division manager, Judy Liedtke, Sarah runs the route that no one else wants and she’s great at it. She’s so loyal to her customers that when she is on vacation, her customers call to find out when she’s coming back. Her dedication to WCP, our customers, and her job is what makes her a rockstar employee. Judy calls Sarah a huge asset and is proud to have her on the Boise WCP team.

Sarah’s Personal Story

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Sarah moved to Idaho in 1996. There, she worked for a print shop that bought their paper from WCP. Sarah would sometimes pick up the orders from the will call at their local branch. She got to know people at the office and later when she got her CDL, WCP Solutions was the first place that she applied for a driving job. 13 years later and she’s still driving for the company with routes all over the State of Idaho.

Outside of work, Sarah loves to spend time outdoors camping and fishing. She also is an avid gardener and loves cooking at home, as well as working out when she has the time. 

Q+A with Sarah

What’s your typical day at WCP look like? 

I start my day at 4 a.m. with a plan to sort out my deliveries for the day and then load my truck from the warehouse. I typically run about a 350-mile route all around Idaho. I really enjoy delivering products to my customers and love the interaction while I’m on my runs.

What’s your favorite part of working at WCP?

I really like driving for the company and especially love working independently while I’m on my deliveries, dropping necessary essentials to our customers.

Can you share 1 or 2 favorite memories or stories while working at WCP? 

Before I had started running the Twin Falls route, I had never put on tire chains before. That Winter when I first started driving that route, I had to learn really quickly how to put them on fast to stay safe in the snow and ice. While I have run all of the Boise routes at one time or another, funny thing is, even with the weather, the Twin Falls route actually turned out to be my favorite.

Notes from Sarah’s Coworkers

We asked some coworkers to share their experience working with Sarah:

“Sarah is a very hard working professional. She is always very aware of the customers’ needs and ready to deliver great customer service. Sarah has delivered to customers in the Magic Valley for several years and exemplifies what it is to represent such a great company that focuses on customer service and building partnerships together. I know that our customers will be taken care of and products will be delivered with the utmost care to their doorstep. Thank you Sarah for keeping our customers a top priority. “

–Clint F


“She’s a really hard worker and has really great relationships with our customers!”

–Olga JD 


“I’ve always appreciated and respected how Sarah works. Her willingness to take on some of the most challenging and longest hours that WCP Solutions has to offer really speaks to a pronounced and diligent work ethic. Moreover, Sarah excels in an industry dominated by males, and more often than not, she outpaces them in the field. 

I am glad she is on our team helping to finish the last stop in our sales process in the outlying sales territory! I think Sarah does a tremendous job for WCP Solutions, and she should certainly be acknowledged accordingly!”

 –Michael B

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