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WCP Employee Spotlight: Dan Moore

Photo of Dan Moore standing in the warehouse at WCP Solutions in Medford, Oregon

Dan Moore at WCP Solutions Medford, OR

WCP Solutions values each and every one of our employees and to show our appreciation, we like to highlight special individuals and shine a spotlight on the great work they do for WCP. We hope our employee spotlights also help you get to know our team a little better. For this spotlight, we are proud to introduce Dan Moore, Assistant Warehouse Manager out of our WCP Medford location.

Dan’s WCP Story

For the last 22 years, Dan has been a crucial member of the WCP Medford team and this June marks his 23rd anniversary with the company. Before joining us, Dan already knew some of the WCP drivers from previous jobs and after hearing all the good things they had to say about the company, Dan became a part of the WCP family too. He came on to be a CDL Driver with a Class-B permit, but as a testament to his hard working attitude and good mindset, Dan continued his training and took the tests for his Class-A Permit.

After spending 15 years driving on the road, Dan wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of the business, so he took on a position in the warehouse in Receiving. He worked in that role for two years before accepting his current position as Assistant Warehouse Manager, which he has held for the last 4 years.

Dan is a hard worker, like so many others at WCP, but his “can-do” attitude is what sets him apart. “He is my first and firm choice,” says Dave Chaffin, the Division Manager in Medford. Dan never says no and always finds a way to make things happen.

Get to Know Dan a Little Moore

Dan was born and raised in Medford, Oregon and he graduated from North Medford High school in 1991. He has an older sister and his parents have been married for 57 years. Dan himself has been married for 25 years and he and his wife have a 23-year-old son who is about to get married too.

In his downtime, Dan and his wife like to enjoy camping and the outdoors with their two dogs. They also enjoy home improvement projects and over the last four years, they have completed a backyard remodel, installed hardwood floors, renovated all the bathrooms in their home, along with many other projects. As well, Dan is a big sports fan and follows the Dallas Cowboys, Oregon Ducks, and Portland Trailblazers.

Q+A with Dan

What’s your typical day at WCP look like?
Every day is different. I coordinate the drivers and the trucks they take each day. I deal with delivery scheduling. I help load and unload trucks, if needed. I handle multiple phone calls per day from inside sales to outside sales. I receive products and I pull orders. I do whatever needs to be done, and I handle whatever issues pop up each day.

What’s your favorite part of working at WCP?
I’m a people person. I enjoy working with the public, solving problems that pop up during the day, and the fact that the job is fast paced.

What’s one lesson that your current position has taught you?
Each day I learn something new that helps me grow in my position. I believe it’s taught me to be more assertive and to be a good leader.

Can you share 1 or 2 favorite memories or stories while working at WCP?
When I was a driver I delivered products to Rogue Jet Boat Excursions in Grants Pass. I was sitting in my truck filling out paperwork and I looked up and saw three guys walking toward my truck. The middle guy ended up being Kenny Chesney (the country singer). I didn’t have a cell phone back then so I grabbed the next best thing – a WCP invoice – and jumped out of the truck to get his autograph. That made my day. WCP never got the original invoice back! I still rub it into my wife’s face to this day that I got to meet Kenny.

Do you have any tips for new employees just starting their career?
I always tell new people when I’m training them that there is no such thing as a bad question. Always ask questions.

What’s your favorite product available from WCP?
I appreciate the convenience of being able to purchase WCP products for my home. Some of the items my wife and I buy regularly from WCP are batteries, toilet paper, paper towels, and copy paper.

Compliments from Coworkers

“As an outside salesperson, there are times when we need a “favor” – Dan is always willing to jump in and assist with those special requests. His attention to the fine details is always appreciated as well. When errors do occur, as they always will in our business, Dan will always jump in and repair the problem, quickly and efficiently.” – Jason Pearce

“I have worked with Dan for over 20 years and I can say that I have never seen him in a bad mood or have a bad attitude. He does whatever is asked of him promptly and with a smile. He is definitely an A+ employee and co-worker.” – Shannon Reese

Learn more about WCP and our history of customer service by visiting our About page.

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