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Shipping and Packing Supplies to sell your products on Online Directly to your Customers D2C

Consumers are ordering more products online every day and businesses are being forced to adapt to the current demands. As companies start to utilize Ecommerce to ship products directly to consumers, more than likely it will require changes in the packaging materials used to make that a reality. There are many different packing products out there that can be used to ship products to your customers’ doorsteps. D2C (Direct to Consumer) shipping requirements mean that businesses are needing to find new solutions to get their products safely in the hands of their customers in a new way. At WCP, we offer many different ways to ship your products to your customers and we’d love to help you find the right packaging solution to help your business go D2C.

Packing Material Options

For packing materials, we offer inflatable products or crumpled paper to go inside a box for void fill. For surface protection, we stock multiple sheet foam thicknesses as well as die-cut foam for blocking and bracing. We also offer expanding foam and foam-in-place for blocking and bracing inside the box to protect your goods in transit.

Containment Options

WCP carries numerous sizes of corrugated boxes including custom and stock boxes from small to large. Other great options to look into with your Account Manager are reusable or returnable boxes for shipping online products. For products that don’t require a box, WCP offers a full array of mailers for shipping products, offering both the option for cushion and no cushion mailers. 

Shipping Cold + Beverage Items

For anything that needs to get shipped cold, we have many cold chain solutions including foil bubble pouches accompanied with gel packs as well as the ClimaCell product from TemperPack that is curbside recyclable and the TemperGuard product made by Sealed Air. For beverage industry customers, we carry pulp shippers for shipping cans and bottles directly to your customers. 

Miscellaneous Shipping Items

In addition to protective packing materials like boxes and cushioning, we also carry everything available in the tape category to make sure your packages stay secure while in transit. 

We’re here to help you find solutions to ship your goods directly to your customers!

If you’re new to shipping products directly to your customers or you’re looking for ways to improve your customers’ unboxing experience, we’re happy to help find solutions that will work for your business. If you’re interested in chatting with someone at WCP about which shipping solutions might be the best choice for your business, reach out to your local WCP account manager or customer service team. We’re happy to offer suggestions for the right application for your needs. Give us a call today (877) 398-3030.

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