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Resources for the Coronavirus COVID-19 (Updated)

How to Prepare Your Workplace for the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Amid the coronavirus outbreak currently happening around the world, as well as in the United States, it’s important to prepare your workplace to keep it safe and clean for employees so that productivity doesn’t falter and people feel safe in their work environment. We’re following the recommendations of the CDC while we ensure that our customers have the available supplies in order to keep their workplaces safe and clean. It’s important in situations like these to keep your spaces clean to prevent the spread of illness in your workforce, as well as keeping everyone in your facility healthy and informed. 

For more information on how to do that, we’d like to share the links below from our partners throughout the industry to help us all stay informed on the subject.

ISSA Resources– Industry-leading resources to provide information on the Coronavirus in the workplace including how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within your space. ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) also provides cleaning resources to keep employees safe at work.

Tip Sheet #2: Risk Assessment for Battling the Coronavirus – Tips for cleaning and disinfecting spaces within your workplace. This tip sheet includes information on the steps required to clean, sanitize and disinfect.

Tip Sheet #3: Recommendations for the Proper Use of Disinfectants – Tips for using disinfectants to clean your space as well as how products are registered for use against the specific COVID-19 virus.

How Training Protects Against the Coronavirus – How to train your staff in case an outbreak occurs in your area, especially in light of shortages for certain products like face masks. This article outlines what’s important when training employees on options to protect themselves from the virus.

CDC Hand Washing

When and How to Wash Your Hands | Handwashing – Tips from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) on the best way to wash hands to protect against the virus, both at home and at work. This article outlines when and exactly how to wash your hands to keep yourself healthy.

Supplyways Soap and Dispensers – Our in-house line of foaming hand soap and wall-mounted dispenser is a great option to protect your workplace and keep employees healthy. Download the Supplyways product flyer.

Supplyways foaming soap and dispenser from WCP Solutions

Clorox Pro

Pathogen & Infection Prevention Information from Clorox Pro – Resources from Clorox Pro about coronaviruses, how to prevent infection, and a list of Clorox products that will disinfect and protect against this Novel Coronavirus. This is a great resource to find out which Clorox products might be the best option for your workplace.

COVID-19 Guide for Facility Managers – Infographic for facility managers on how to prepare and prevent the spread of disease within your business.

Prevention beyond PPE -The importance of environmental hygiene to prevent the spread of illnesses. Environmental disinfection is a key part of preventing both influenza and even COVID-19. We all have a role in prevention and with the right products and training, it is possible for everyone to take responsibility and play their part.

Don’t Stress: 4 Ways to Stay Calm in Infectious Disease Outbreak Situations – Helpful information about being prepared for the stress during outbreak and pandemic situations. 

Tips for disinfecting an Office–25245 – How to disinfect your office space to keep it safe and healthy for employees. This article offers a step by step guide to making sure your workplace is as clean as possible.

Best Practices On Deep Cleaning And Disinfecting During A Facility Closure – From Cleanlink and CloroxPro, here are some tips and best practices on deep cleaning and disinfecting a facility during a closure.

Microsoft’s Corona Virus Map – Microsoft’s interactive coronavirus map lets you track the number of COVID-19 cases in countries around the world and every US state. Click into a state to view related articles and view a current breakdown of the number of active, recovered, and fatal cases with each area.

Resources for the Printing Community from PPI/PIA

PPI COVID-19 Information – The Printing Industries of America has put together information and resource to help the print and paper community learn about the Coronavirus and employment issues that arise from our current pandemic.

CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) – A comprehensive information source for what you need to know per the CDC regarding the Novel Coronavirus COVID-19. This article explains who is at risk, how we can help prevent the virus and what to do in case of someone in your workplace showing symptoms.


WCP Solutions is a wholesale distributor providing janitorial, cleaning, and facility supply products to customers. Have questions or need help finding a product, give your local WCP Solutions a call and our team will be glad to assist.  Visit our COVID-19 page for more information and resource. 

Originally published March 9th, 2020
Updated with new information on April 8th, 2020

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