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Product Spotlight: Orca and Natural Choice Copy Paper Made in the Pacific Northwest

Orca and Natural Choice copy paper from Norpac

We often get requests from our customers for locally-made paper from the West Coast of the USA. While most domestic paper sheets available are made in the Midwest and on the East Coast, we are very excited to announce that we are expanding our available copy paper lines to include paper made right here in the Pacific Northwest, the region that we call home here at WCP. Made locally in Longview, Washington and manufactured by NORPAC, we’re proud to announce the addition of Orca and Natural Choice copy papers to our stock at WCP!

The Benefits of Using a Locally-Made Sustainable Copy Paper

Using paper that has excellent sustainable qualities can offer many upsides to your business. Schools, institutions, hospitals, and universities are among some of our customers that might benefit greatly from using these new lines of sustainable copy paper in their businesses. For our industrial customers, these options are excellent for you too, allowing you to use a premium product while helping to preserve our planet at the same time. Plus you’ll be supporting a local business out of Washington-state as a bonus.

A Little Bit About Orca Copy Paper

We currently are stocking Orca and Orca 30 Copy paper at WCP. Both offer excellent sustainable features for copy paper to use in your business. 

  • Orca Copy – Available in all standard sizes (8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14, 11 x 17) and ideal for everyday copying and printing.
  • Orca 30 Copy – Available in 8.5 x 11, this sheet is made from 30% post-consumer waste, offering an even greener paper choice that is locally made.

Download the Orca Copy Product Sheet

Download the Orca 30 Copy Product Sheet

A Little Bit About Natural Choice Copy Paper

We currently are stocking Natural Choice and Natural Choice 30 copy paper at WCP. Both are copy paper options made with thermo-mechanical pulp which requires fewer trees to produce the paper than typically needed. To go even greener in your office or business, Natural Choice is an excellent environmentally-conscious paper product option.

Natural Choice paper is leading the field in locally-made papers in the Pacific Northwest by not only offering paper choices that are sustainable and 100% recyclable but starting with their mill first. The mill’s carbon footprint is about half the size (44% less) of a typical mill making standard copy paper. Their wood comes from sustainably managed forests in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Natural Choice – Available in 8.5 x 11, this paper option is made requiring one-third fewer trees than paper with 30% recycled content. With this choice, you’re buying a locally-made paper product that is also made from FSC certified fibers, has a 92% less impact on the Earth, offering 74% less waste to landfills and 47% less water used than when making traditional copy paper.
  • Natural Choice 30 – Available in 8.5 x 11 with 30% post-consumer waste (PCW), Natural Choice 30 goes above its Natural Choice counterpart by using two-thirds less wood fiber than standard copy paper. Including features like SFI Certified Sourcing which supports ongoing LEED certifications, is chlorine-free and uses 67% fewer trees to make than standard copy paper, this paper is an excellent environmentally-friendly choice. (We don’t have Natural Choice 30 just yet, but it will be available soon!)

Natural Choice paper products offer a 99.99% jam-free performance in printers and are ideal for home and office inkjet and laser printers and copiers. This product is also excellent for double-sided printing, with a 96 opacity.

NORPAC and WCP agree with other environmental and corporate leaders who believe our task is to consider not only what we can do, but what we should do. That includes helping our customers and other organizations who depend on paper to reduce their carbon footprints as we reduce ours. We hope you’ll join us! Choose the most sustainable, carbon reductive, and environmentally sound copy paper available – Natural Choice.

Download the Natural Choice Product Sheet

Download the Natural Choice FAQ 1

Download the Natural Choice FAQ 2

Find out more about our new Sustainable focused paper and packaging products from WCP!

Reach out to your account manager today to find out more about how you can order your first stock of sustainable, locally-made copy paper with the Orca and Natural Choice copy paper lines from NORPAC. We’re so excited to work with our customers to promote these new products stocked locally at WCP to help in doing our part to preserve this amazing area of the USA that we call home and offer sustainable paper solutions to our customers.

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