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Product Spotlight: How Unger’s OmniClean Can Truly Clean Your Floors

Unger OmniClean

Using traditional mop systems for your business that typically rely on a single chamber floor cleaning bucket and wringer don’t always remove dirt. The result with this type of system is a mop that spreads dirty water and utilizes a chemical that is less effective after the first wring. Unger OmniClean is a breakthrough in floor cleaning that we’ve all been waiting for. According to independent studies, the Unger OmniClean excels above the competition in dirt removal, bacteria removal, cleaning time, and drying time!

OmniClean differs from all mopping systems available on the market today. Its unique design contains proprietary features that maximize cleanliness, safety, and efficiency in the care of your floors with never-before-seen dual bucket technology, powerful scrub board and height adjustable bottle on board pole.


OmniClean is the only dual chamber bucket clinically proven to leave floors 13 times cleaner than traditional methods. It is also independently proven to be twice as effective at removing microbes than traditional floor cleaning systems and OmniClean utilizes patented dual bucket technology to separate clean and dirty water, ensuring a continuous supply of fresh cleaning agent. With advanced design features, OmniClean’s powerful scrub board removes dirt, grime, and germs from the microfiber mop pad while the standup wringer removes remaining debris. With this product, you’ll never clean with dirty water again.

OmniClean is available in three kit configurations from WCP Solutions

  • OmniClean Dual Bucket Kit – Offset (Item # UNGCLBK2)
  • OmniClean Restroom Kit (Item # UNGCLRRK)
  • OmniClean Spot Kit (Item # UNGCLSPK)

Unger OmniClean Products


OmniClean Spot and Restroom Cleaning Kits deliver increased speed and safety with the inclusion of the ergonomic Unger Excella handle. The Excella is the first bottle on board mop that includes both a height adjustable pole and the ability to dispense liquid from the bottle on board. This combination of features provides dramatically faster cleaning with less strain, stress and effort than any other mop currently available. 


OmniClean kits offer the convenience of a full-sized janitorial cart but in a compact, easily maneuverable option. The innovative clip system stores all necessary cleaning tools and accessories. OmniClean can be stored in small spaces, freeing up high demand space in janitorial closets.   

Unger is known for quality tools and dynamic innovation and OmniClean was awarded the 2020 ISSA Innovation Award in the Supplies and Accessories Category. To learn more about cleaning with OmniClean visit or contact your WCP Account Manager today. 

Download independent study results here.


[Source: Unger]

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