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Featured Solution: GP PRO Automated Sealing Machine

Quickly and Efficiently Seal Cups with the GP PRO Automated Sealing Machine

Take-out and delivery continues to grow in this age of the pandemic, and food service customers continue to look for products that can help their businesses improve efficiency and provide consumers with a better overall experience. When it comes to beverages, a solution that not only improves efficiency and customer experience, is the GP PRO Automated Sealing Machine, which uses a film to provide a secure cup seal that is spill resistant, tamper evident and promotes hygiene—allowing a new level of performance for takeout, delivery, and drive-thru. Instead of using traditional clip-on lids, an automated sealing machine will help food service businesses to quicken their service line and provide an efficient seal on cups headed to their customers.

Benefits of the GP PRO Automated Sealing machine:

  • Tamper Evident: Securely sealed lidding can help reduce the risk of tampering and provides confidence for customers that their beverage has not been opened.
  • Spill Resistant A plastic film lid seals tightly to the cup’s rolled rim and remains securely sealed (vs. traditional snap-on lids). The perforated area makes it easy to insert straws.
  • Speed and Productivity: The machine applies a secure lid in less than 2 seconds and fits most paper or plastic cups with a rim (from 8 to 44 oz). Not to be used with polystyrene foam cups.
  • Sustainability: Uses 60% less plastic than most snap-on lids1 and requires less storage. And there’s no film scrap waste after applying seal to the cup.
  • Food Safety: Since there’s no need for operators to handle lids, the Auto Sealer helps reduce the chance of cross contamination.

Using the GP PRO Automated Sealing Machine can help food-service employers speed up their process and make sealing beverages for take-out more efficient.  Ideal in beverage-prep areas within restaurants, healthcare facilities, stadiums, casinos, and many more types of businesses, this product will allow you to service your customers faster and more efficiently.

WCP Can Help

If you’re looking to buy this product or other supplies for your food-service business, contact your local WCP account manager or customer service team to chat about the product options we offer. We’d be happy to set up a consultation to discuss products that meet the goals of your business. Give us a call today at (877) 398-3030.

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