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Protect Your Business with Entry Walk-Off Mats

Walk-off Matting from WCP SolutionsThe Benefits of Walk Off Mats for Your Business 

The leaves are starting to fall and the rains are back in the Pacific Northwest, meaning that we’re tracking mud and remnants of Autumn into our buildings again. Walk-off mats are the perfect solution to this issue, helping to gather traces of dirt and toxins at the entrance versus having them tracked throughout your facility. Ultimately, your business can save on labor down the road due to reduced maintenance costs just by having walk-off mats at the entrance to your business. 

This is the Time of the Year to Buy Walk-off Matting

This time of the year as the weather changes, more dirt and debris is being tracked into buildings, wreaking havoc on the flooring throughout your space. Once that dirt and debris has made it further into your space, additional care will be required and you will need to spend more time cleaning, vacuuming, and maintaining your facility. Walk-off mats at the entries of your business can help alleviate this burden. When it’s raining, matting provides a safe flooring solution at each entry by collecting the extra water, reducing the potential for slipping hazards protecting your employees and customers. Looking further down the road to winter, when the colder weather hits, we’ll be tracking ice melt in and out of our spaces.  These chemicals are hard on floors and walk-off mats can also help control how much of gets tracked through your facility.

Mat Types and Finishes

When looking for a mat for your business, it’s important to determine what exactly your requirements are. Whether for interior or exterior, floor mats are made of different materials, some to retain moisture, some to help it soak through to the surface below. Other mats will be thicker and feel more like carpet versus mats that are rougher to scrape more dirt off while being walked on. You might also think about the purpose of the walk-off mat; is it being used to protect the flooring underneath or as an actual in-lay material that becomes the actual floor? All of these different materials and types of mats are things to think about as you make decisions for your facility. If you need help, our WCP Account Managers are here to go through the variety of options that are available.

Crown Mats matting materials

The Sustainability of Matting

Walk-off mats have been proven to help make buildings healthier and are even part of a LEED (Leadership in Energy Efficient Design) credit in sustainable building design. Matting at the entrances of buildings allows toxins being tracked in on people’s feet to stay in one controlled location, instead of being tracked through an entire building. This, in turn, helps with the indoor air quality of your space.

Walk-off mats are a great solution when looking for sustainable options for your business as many matting options are made from recycled materials. The recycled content in walk-off mats can help contribute to green efforts in your building.

What We Stock at WCP

At WCP, we carry a variety of matting from leading companies like Crown Matting and M+A Matting. Not only do we have a variety of matting options ready for quick ship, but we also offer custom solutions with logos and in-lay mats for LEED credits. Talk to your account manager today for the matting options we have available locally and what might be right for your business.

Crown Mats
M+A Matting

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