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WCP Employee Spotlight: Wolfgang Hoener

Wolfgang standing in front of pallets of envelopes getting manufactured

For the last 15 years Wolfgang Hoener, also known as “Wolf,” has been an incredible asset to the WCP Converting and Envelope Team at both our Portland and Kent locations. “My day is always a lot better when I am working with Wolf,” say many after working alongside him. His inspiring leadership and strong work ethic are only a couple of the reasons why he has been chosen for this Employee Spotlight. We share more about Wolf, his WCP story, and what others have to say about him in the following spotlight.

Wolf’s WCP Story

Wolf has worked for WCP Solutions for the last 15 years, which includes the transition during which WCP bought the Envelope Divisions. Before becoming Kent Envelope’s General Manager, Wolf was previously the Production Manager at Portland Envelope as well as the Operations Manager at our Converting Division.

More About Wolf

From 1968 to 2007, Wolf lived in the Seattle, Washington area and for the following 15 years, he moved down to Portland, Oregon. However, he just recently moved back home to the Seattle area this year. When not at work, Wolf enjoys going to the beach and taking fishing trips on the Columbia River. He also has a 22-year-old son who he has cherished watching grow up.

Q & A with Wolf

What does your typical day at WCP look like?
I check in with the management team first thing every morning and then say hello and good morning to the production team. I enjoy working through issues and challenges that come up daily in a manufacturing environment.

What is your favorite part of working at WCP?
I really enjoyed growing/moving/updating the envelope division and working alongside Steve Kauffman. I also had a good experience growing the Converting Division, installing a new sheeter, moving the Jennerjahn from Kent to Portland, and growing more with the capacity that Justin Ballweber and Jon Thompson had envisioned. Another favorite part is working alongside the crew and having fun at work.

What is one lesson that your current position has taught you?
That each employee is wired differently, but in the end, the team comes together to get the job done.

Do you have any favorite products or product lines that WCP carries?
Finely folded envelopes and custom sheeted board stock.

Do you have any tips to offer customers when they order from WCP?
With the current market and supply chain challenges, plan ahead and forecast future needs. Pre-schedule manufacturing jobs by sending in a PO and having time allocated to your project.

Can you share a couple of your favorite memories or stories while working at WCP?
I really enjoyed working with Steve Kauffman and Gregg Johnson for many years- growing/moving the Envelope Division. I have many stories from over the years, and they are all memorable, but I have enjoyed sharing life with all of the employees I have worked with and getting to know them on a personal level. My stay at Converting was good as well as working alongside Justin Ballweber and having good laughs with Rick Hughes.

Coworker Compliments

“Wolfgang is a great leader and manager. He has a knack for bringing people together and getting them to work in the same direction. His devotion to his team and the company is second to none. He is always willing to jump in wherever he can, to help support WCP and our customers. Not only is he a tremendous asset to our WCP team, but he is an incredible human being.” – Justin Ballweber, Converting and Envelope Division Manager

“Wolf is a natural leader. His internal compass paired with his black and white, no nonsense decision making, makes him an easy person to follow! He is the kind of person that is truly missed when he leaves, yet you are happy for the group that gets to have him because you know he will make a difference for the good wherever he goes. He still is a child at heart, do not overestimate his ability to perform with the most enjoyable sophomoric behavior. Yet still manages to get everything accomplished every day.” – Steve Kauffman, WCP Envelope Portland General Manager

“Few can match Wolf’s technical skills, his dedication, his compassion and get out of his way when he is on a project. He gets things done, always on time and always with a smile! WCP is very fortunate to have Wolf on our team. It is always a pleasure to work with him. He is always concerned about our company, our customers and especially his people. My day is always a lot better when I am working with Wolf!” – Jay Ross, Vice President of Operations and HR

“Wolf, you’re an incredibly hard worker who certainly deserves this spotlight. I continue to be impressed with how well you handle the workload and other special projects. You are a vital asset to the WCP Envelope and Converting team, and we are so thankful to work with you.” – Jon Thompson, Vice President of Sales

I have had the pleasure to work with Wolf over the past 15 years. During this time Wolf has always impressed me with his attention to detail and leadership skills. His admiration and respect for his crew provides a positive and respectful working environment. He is a great problem solver, and is always available to help get the job done for our customers. We are really lucky and happy to have Wolf on our team!” – Gregg Johnson, WCP Senior Project Manager


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