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Employee Spotlight: Essential Employees and Teamwork

As COVID-19 has impacted communities around the world as well as in our own backyard, we continue to realize how important teamwork is to keep going. This month we are not featuring just one employee, but all of our employees: each member of our team is essential and for that we are grateful. 

We are Open for Business, Thanks to our Amazing Employees!

At WCP Solutions we don’t take it lightly that we remain open for business as an essential supplier in our community. The steps we are taking to ensure that our employees remain safe is a constant priority for us. Wherever possible we have shifted inside team members to work remotely and our account managers, who are usually on the road interacting on-site with customers, have been set up in their home offices, talking to customers remotely and helping solve problems digitally. 

For the employees of WCP that are not able to work remotely during this time, we want to send a huge thank you to them for continuing to come in and doing the necessary jobs that keep products flowing to our customers! Without these individuals, the supply chain to our customers would be disrupted and they wouldn’t have the products and equipment they need to continue running during this difficult time. From our drivers going out every day, the warehouse team building orders, customer service, accounting and everyone in between, the work you do is highly appreciated and part of what makes WCP great!

What We’re Doing to Protect Our Employees

With people still working in vital positions at WCP to keep products getting to our customers, we’re aware of the risks they might be taking by interacting with other people right now so we’re taking steps to protect our employees day in and day out. Our drivers are wearing PPE such as gloves and masks, we’re disinfecting equipment and spaces regularly, we have sanitizer stations throughout the building, and we’re limiting the visitors coming into the office, as well as social and physical distancing throughout all of our locations. Internally our goal is to have zero infections within our WCP family.

WCP is following the guidance of our state and local governments as well as the CDC during this time and will continue to do so in order to protect our employees and customers of WCP as long as necessary. We’ll get through this together with our employees, our customers, and our supplier partners to emerge stronger on the other side.


Editors Note: A thank you to everyone who shared photos with our marketing team. We are sad we didn’t have the time to get a photo from every employee or location. This post is dedicated to everyone in the WCP Family, photo or not. Stay safe and healthy.

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