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Eco First, Compostable Can Ring from E6PR – Product Spotlight

A Sustainable Beverage Packaging Solution

We’re excited to introduce our customers to a new sustainable beverage packaging solution! The E6PR™ (Eco Six Pack Ring) is an amazing eco friendly solution for our beverage industry customers that are looking to be more sustainable in their packaging. One of the key benefits of this product is that it is animal friendly and safe if accidentally consumed.

The Sustainability Benefits of E6PR™

The Eco Six and Four Pack Ring products are the first can rings made from compostable materials and by-product waste on the market. Instead of using plastic rings which damage the environment, the Eco Six and Four Pack ring products can be fully composted in a composting facility and will degrade in days. In the open land or water system, the products only take weeks to degrade into the Earth safely. In addition, E6PR™ is created from products that are wildlife-friendly and will do no harm to animals if accidentally consumed and digested.

How to Utilize E6PR™ for your Business

In addition to its many sustainable benefits for your business, when used with applicators the E6PR™ can be used to package your products very efficiently. With a manual applicator, you can achieve up to 60 cans per minute. With a mid-speed electric applicator, 180 cans per minute are possible and with a high-speed applicator, it’s possible to package up to 1,200 cans per minute. 

This beverage packaging solution is made of straw from natural fibers and comes in an unbleached brown Kraft color. It has a temperature resistance of up to 93 degrees Celsius and has no product odor. The E6PR™ 6 and 4 pack rings are not currently stocked locally but are available for special order. Let your account manager know today if you’re interested and they can get an order going for you to try out these innovative and incredibly sustainable products for an innovative solution to your beverage packaging.

Download Our E6PR Spotlight Flyer

Compostable Six Pack Ring Flyer - WCP Solutions

Let Our Beverage Team Help Your Business Today!

For customers interested in this compostable packaging product, reach out to your local WCP account manager or customer service team. This item is currently available for special order, contact our team for lead time and pricing. For any additional help with beverage packaging products, we’re happy to help! Give us a call today (877) 398-3030.

Eco friendly compostable can ring from E6PR. Safe for accidental animal consumption.

6 Pack Beer Compostable Can Rings made by E6PR

Compostable Can Ring are available in both 4 and 6 pack sizes for beer, soda and other beverages. Made by E6PR.


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