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Celebrating National Logistics Day

A Big Thank You to our Operations Team Here at WCP Solutions

In honor of National Logistics Day, WCP Solutions wants to say a big thank you to our Operations Team. Through rain, snow, and sunshine, our team gets the job done. Without them, WCP would not be able to run as smoothly as it does. So again, thank you for all that you do for the company. WCP appreciates each and every one of you.

We reached out to members of our team and asked them to share comments, compliments, and kind words for our Operations and logistics workers.

Some kind words to our Operations team:

“Operations is summed up in two words……Promise Keepers. In a world that seems to be racing towards less face-to-face transactions, in our WCP world, we maintain that face-to-face and get the job done for our customers and our fellow employees. We promise to get the product in, warehouse it and deliver it, regardless of weather, staff shortages, or anything else that gets thrown at us. The promise gets made to our customers, and we keep it!” – Marc Stansfield WCP Portland Warehouse Manager

“Our Operations Team sets the standard for the industry. Their attention to detail and their “customer first” attitude really resonate in the market. The effort our warehouse and delivery staff put into getting it right is what separates WCP from the competition. I am always proud when I see one of the Big Yellow trucks roll by.” – Steve Cole, WCP Kent Division Manager

“Our operations team is obviously a key component to our division’s success. Knowing the smallest details of a customer’s needs and their attention to that detail set a good ops team apart from a great one.” – Mike Groves, WCP Sacramento Division Manager

“WCP has the finest group of final mile delivery and operations staff you will find anywhere. The Operations Team is tasked to go beyond for our customers, to help the internal WCP team, and they make it happen despite the challenges that go into their roles… A million labels on the printer, no problem! Weather, no problem! DOT regulations, no problem! What’s more, they do it safely with one of the best records around. I am grateful every day for what this team does to get the job done. We are beyond fortunate to have them with us. Happy National Operations Day!” – Tyson Peissig, WCP Missoula Division Manager

“Our operations team is the best! They execute the WCP culture of customer service excellence and deliver the customer experience. In addition to doing great work every day, they are always willing to go beyond and above to accommodate special requests and instructions.” – Judy Liedtke, WCP Boise Division Manager

“WCP Solutions has some of the finest logistics and distribution specialists in the industry. The  ”can do” attitude from around our company is critical to providing the best customer experience in our industry.” – Mike Serra, WCP Central Washington Division Manager

“No matter the logistical challenges I know my operations team will come through and our customers depend on that“ – Vince Pennino, WCP Alaska Division Manager

“On behalf of the WCP Converting and Envelope Team, we would like to extend our appreciation to our WCP Operations Team. We would not be as successful as we are without their amazing work and contributions. Thank you for all that you do!” – Justin Ballweber, WCP Converting and Envelope Division Manager

“Our priority is our customers. Every one of our warehouse and manufacturing folks and our delivery drivers live this value every day. From Anchorage to Sacramento and all our locations in between, we have the very best and safest operations teams. We simply cannot thank each and every one of them enough for making WCP Solutions so successful.” – Jay Ross, WCP Vice President of Operations and HR


Learn more about WCP and our history of customer service by visiting our About page.

Join the WCP Team: Want to join our amazing Operations Team or any of our other departments? Visit the WCP Career Center to see all of our open career opportunities!

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