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The Benefits of Sustainable Mailers

Different sustainable shipping mailers

What are the Different Types of Mailers?

Did you know that 76% of adults in the U.S. shop online? Each year the amount of online shopping continues to increase steadily, which means that the importance of the packaging materials and types that a business chooses to use also increases. Choosing a sustainable mailer can be an eco-friendly alternative to standard plastic packaging.

Some of the Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Mailers

  • Recyclable: They are often curbside recyclable and reduce the amount of plastic material being tossed into landfills.
  • Made from recycled materials: They are often made from recycled materials themselves.
  • Take up less space: They are usually smaller and use less overall material than traditional structured packaging and can save on shipping and freight costs in transit by taking up less space. This means shipping carriers can put more packages on a single vehicle reducing the overall carbon footprint in transit.

What is a Mailer?

A mailer is a type of envelope that is padded with either foam, air bubbles, or flute. The padding in mailers cushion the product to reduce the force of impact that could cause damage to the items inside. Depending on the size of the item you are sending, a mailer can replace the use of a corrugated box. Due to the mailer’s built-in padding, it helps keep the item safe during transportation. However, keep in mind that the padding does not fully eliminate the need to cushion the item as well. Other cushioning materials can include packing paper, bubble wrap, and foam inserts.

What Makes a Sustainable Mailer… Sustainable?

The two factors that make a sustainable mailer more sustainable are one, it is curbside recyclable or compostable, and two, the type of materials it is constructed out of.

Different Types of Mailers

  1. Sustainable Bubble Mailers: A bubble mailer is a type of mailer that has small “bubble wrap-like” air pockets sandwiched between the envelope walls. The bubbles act as insulation to protect and cushion the contents inside. An example of a sustainable bubble mailer would be the Georgia Pacific Earth, Kraft Mailer. This mailer is 100% curbside recyclable, made from sustainably sourced kraft paper, and is cost competitive. The Earth Kraft line is also SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative®) certified.
  2. Sustainable Foam Mailers: Foam mailers have soft, absorbent foam within the walls of the envelope to insulate the contents inside. For example, a sustainable foam mailer alternative for a foam mailer would be the Pregis EverTec Mailer. This mailer is curbside recyclable, made from sustainable kraft paper, and water/leakproof. The mailer is constructed with durable bottom and side sealing that protects your package from high-impact damage.
  3. Sustainable Flute Padded Mailers: Flute-padded mailers use fluting as an insulation to cushion the package. IPG’s Curby Mailers can be a sustainable alternative to flute-padded mailers. They are a curbside recyclable kraft mailer. It has a patented, honeycomb-link material that is great for cushioning and is Cradle to Cradle® certified.

paper shipping mailers on a tableLearn more:
For more information on sustainable shipping mailers and other wholesale packaging products that we stock, click here to view the packaging chapter in our 2023 Product Catalog or contact your local WCP account manager or customer service team. Give us a call today at (877) 398-3030 to talk to our industry experts.

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