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The Benefits of Prototyping in the Custom Package Design Process

Perfect Fit Prototypes by WCP Solutions - prototyping structure around your product

Introduction to Custom Packaging

Many of our customers are looking for custom packaging solutions for their businesses. Maybe you’re looking for packaging for a new product you’re developing or reevaluating the current packaging materials being used on an existing product? As you create and design your new packaging structure, prototypes are an essential part of the process as you create unique and perfect-fit solutions for your products and business.

What is Prototyping and how can it help your business?

If you’re in the market for custom packaging, prototyping can help in a number of ways.  After you’ve brainstormed a packaging design, Prototyping allows you to make a sample of it to test out in the real world and edit as needed before moving on to select a manufacturing vendor for the final product.

Some of the ways that our Perfect Fit Prototype solutions might help your business:

  • It can make the manufacturing process easier and more efficient
  • It allows for consumer research and retailer review meetings as the design progresses and allows for easy edits and design alterations
  • The prototype can help people actually see what they are designing and creating in real-time and act as a visual aid on which to base discussion and decisions
  • It helps avoid potential problems that could end up costing time and money
  • It can help test out unexpected issues that you may not foresee from a conceptual point of view like transport and moisture conditions or temperature control and environmental issues, by correcting them prior to manufacturing

How to Utilize Perfect Fit Prototypes for Your Business

If custom packaging is right for your business, our in-house Perfect Fit Prototyping team can help!  Once you’ve identified a product that needs a custom fit structure, your order will go into our Converting Office or through your WCP Account Manager.  Then, our Structural Design team gets to work designing and creating your Perfect Fit Prototype.  Our turnaround times are quick too!  Customers in Portland can often get updated structures the same day, with customers in other divisions receiving theirs on the next business day or the following day.

Once your design is formulated and finalized, we’ll work with our vendors to supply you with a final packaging product perfect for your application and requirements, creating an easy one-stop-shop for your Prototyping needs with WCP.


Learn More About Custom Packaging
Contact us today to learn more about our in-house Structural Design Center and Perfect Fit Prototypes!

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